Market Research and Analytics
Decentralized Infrastructure for Blockchain Market Research
Use the decentralized Web3-native infrastructure choice to power research and analytics with flexible options and crypto payments.
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Ankr Network
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Ankr Network offers the fastest-growing decentralized node infrastructure in the world
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Market Research and Analytics
Why Use Ankr Network?
Access Data From More Blockchains
Ankr Protocol serves billions of requests daily to 17+ blockchains, with many more on the way. On-chain data provides researchers with an incredible view to gather and analyze the activity and inner workings of these networks.
Use Advanced APIs to Query Any Block Range
Ankr Protocol’s advanced API enables researchers to simultaneously query huge sections of multiple blockchains quickly and easily in one call. This creates an instant solution for more streamlined and expedient querying across chains so users can gather data quickly and efficiently.
Pull Data From Decentralized Archive Nodes
Accessing data from centralized sources can be problematic as the data will never be censorship-resistant. Ankr Protocol gives researchers a way to pull from our decentralized and independent archive node resources all over the world easily.
Only Pay for What You Need
Never overpay for rigid plans with a pay-as-you-go model and developer-first pricing with supported crypto payments. Ankr Network’s Premium Plan is available at incredibly affordable pay-as-you-go prices for more power and endless flexibility.
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