NFT Marketplaces and Projects
Decentralized Infrastructure for NFT Marketplaces and Projects
Use the decentralized Web3-native infrastructure choice for NFT projects with flexible options and crypto payments.
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Ankr Network
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Ankr Network offers the fastest-growing decentralized node infrastructure in the world
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NFT Marketplaces and Projects
Why Use Ankr Network?
Give NFT Patrons Faster, Global Connectivity
With enterprise-grade nodes operated by independent providers all around the world, you can give your global user base a more reliable, low-latency, and efficient experience no matter their location. With a globally distributed network, there are always nodes nearby.
Tackle Heavy Minting Traffic and Scale
Ankr Protocol node providers adhere to the highest performance benchmarks with extremely high-quality nodes to handle even the most extreme traffic, so your project never drops requests to mint.
Index NFTs Easily Across Chains
Protocol users can now run a simple API call that queries NFT data across all supported EVM chains simultaneously. Pull information from a breadth of collections across chains and index NFTs by ownership, collection, or chain and see all transaction history. Just plug in your parameters and fetch data effortlessly.
Always Have Backup
Hot NFT platforms and projects need the best node infrastructure support. If your nodes or endpoints experience an outage, our intelligent RPC load-balancer will redirect traffic automatically — ensuring your platform stays up and ready to accommodate your users.
Decentralize Your NFT Project
Decentralization is the heart of NFTs and digital ownership, so why use centralized infrastructure? Ankr Protocol uses a globally distributed network of independent node providers to power your dApps with no single point of failure.
Only Pay for What You Need
Never overpay for rigid plans with a pay-as-you-go model and developer-first pricing with supported crypto payments. Ankr Network’s Premium Plan is available at incredibly affordable pay-as-you-go prices for more power and endless flexibility.
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