Coming Soon!
We are in the process of building our Independent Node Provider onboarding program and are eager to bring it to the community soon!
Become an Ankr Node Provider
Deploy nodes on Ankr Network and power Web3 development.
How it works
Developers & dApps make RPC requests
Developers and projects pay to access the data on Ankr Network nodes via remote procedure calls.
Requests are routed through the RPC aggregator
Blockchain request traffic is aggregated and distributed to the best-suited nodes to serve it using an intelligent load balancer.
Node Providers serve requests & earn ANKR
Node providers operate nodes, serve traffic from the aggregator, earn ANKR token rewards, and contribute to Ankr DAO.
Serve Traffic, Earn ANKR
Use your nodes to serve requests from Ankr Network and earn ANKR tokens. Our native utility and governance token, ANKR, can also be staked to maximize your earnings.
Provide Resources Flexibly
Deploy nodes to Ankr Network flexibly and opt in or out of serving traffic at any time to fit your needs. No contracts or one-size-fits-all service plans.
Control Your Infrastructure
Node providers are the true owners and operators of Ankr Network via Ankr DAO governance. Vote with your earned ANKR to make the network better serve your needs.
Save Time and Money
Get quick, easy, affordable access to node infrastructure on multiple blockchains from one convenient source — all while avoiding centralized providers and rigid service plans.
Maximize Security and Uptime
Enjoy the built-in security and redundancy of Ankr Network. If your nodes experience an outage, our intelligent load-balancer will redirect your traffic and ensure you stay connected.
Decentralize and Scale
Ankr Network is the world’s fastest-growing decentralized infrastructure provider for Web3. Your nodes help make it possible to build the future of Web3 in a more decentralized way.
Choose How You Provide
Start Serving Traffic and Earning Rewards
Projects that pass KYC and meet the designated hardware and ANKR token collateral requirements can become a node provider on Ankr Network.
Use Ankr Servers
To promote decentralization, Ankr is installing world-class, bare metal servers around the world, and turning the nodes over to the community to run and operate independently.
Access top-tier equipment
Receive dedicated node resources
Contribute to decentralization
Configuration A
Configuration B
Server Type
Large Archive Server
Standard Archive Server
NVMe Storage
30.72 TB
7.68 TB
Ethereum (ETH)
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Fantom (FTM)
Avalanche (AVAX)
128 GB
128 GB
SSD Size
240 GB for OS
240 GB for OS
Use Your Hardware
Already have hardware that meets our minimum requirements? Launch nodes on your existing equipment, start serving traffic, and earn ANKR.
Maximize your earnings by bringing your own hardware
Use idle server power to earn rewards
Serve protocol traffic or your own flexibly
Node Types
Recommended Requirements
RPC Full Node
4-core CPU
Archive Node
8-core CPU
Get Started
Interested in becoming a node provider?
Click Apply Now to submit an application and join our Node Provider waitlist.
If using your own hardware, you will need to meet benchmarking and performance requirements; you will be notified of eligibility within two (2) business days. Those using Ankr servers automatically satisfy benchmark requirements.
After approval, meet the collateral requirements by depositing 100,000 ANKR to your Web3 wallet. This is an insurance policy to encourage high performance and ethical behavior.
Independently deploy full nodes or archive nodes with Ankr Network.
Privately manage nodes or opt-in to receive traffic from Ankr's RPC load balancer to earn token rewards.
Coming soon
Hybrid Deployment
Already have your own nodes and want to benefit from the security, resiliency, and redundancy of Ankr Network without accepting other network traffic? Hybrid deployment gives you all the benefits of Ankr Network but keeps your node exclusive to you and your premium RPC.
Can I provide a node from my home?
What are the hardware requirements?
Does it matter where my nodes are located?
Have more questions?
Let's hear them!
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