The ANKR Token
ANKR is the backbone of the world's fastest-growing decentralized infrastructure network. Meet the utility token powering our multi-chain ecosystem.
Who Uses ANKR?
ANKR Powers our Network
Spend ANKR to use Ankr Network
ANKR gives users access to Ankr Network, the most decentralized infrastructure protocol in existence. With a flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go model, users spend ANKR to make requests to the different blockchains they need to communicate with.
Pay for premium RPC services with ANKR
Why is ANKR token Needed?
A Force for Decentralization
The next breakthrough in Web3 is a complete transition to decentralized infrastructure. Ankr is delivering that future by creating a decentralized infrastructure ecosystem and marketplace fueled by the ANKR token.
What is ANKR token used for?
Node Infrastructure for Building at Scale
Whether you’re an Ankr Network user, node provider, or staker, ANKR facilitates all network operations. This helps us deliver a Web3-native experience and community-driven products.
Protocol Governance
Ankr DAO ensures that ANKR token holders have a say in the future of our platform and products. ANKR is the governance token that democratizes our network with voting rights.
Create new governance proposals
Vote on topics that affect you
Steer the future of Ankr Network
Staking Rewards
ANKR token holders can stake their assets with Ankr Network full nodes to earn a share of the rewards.
Experience a New Kind of Staking
For the first time, you can stake your tokens to full nodes instead of validator nodes.
Earn ANKR for Enabling Web3 Development
Help node providers serve the Web3 developers depending on them for fast, reliable blockchain access.
Own and Govern a Foundational Layer of Web3
Stake ANKR to participate in the Ankr DAO and make decisions affecting the network's future.

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