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Ankr AppChains.

Plug and play tools to build your own blockchain.

Launch your own blockchain and list your token 10x faster with Ankr’s AppChains.

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What are Ankr AppChains?

The best solution for scaling Web3.

AppChains are the newest scaling solution that combines the best of security, throughput, and customizability.

Public Blockchain

All projects compete for shared 300 TPS and gas fees

Someone’s LendingSomeone’s DexYour ApplicationSomeone’s NFT MarketplaceSomeone’s Metaverse


Dedicated Ankr AppChain

Up to 300 TPS only for your application or ecosystem

Only your Application

Blockchain in a toolbox.

Everything you need to build, go to market, scale, and win massive adoption. Ankr provides development teams with everything they need to satisfy the requirements of exchanges and industry standards.

Validator binary +
Config file

Get validator nodes up and running for your AppChain easily with all of the necessary information to launch validators in accordance with your chosen parent-chain.

Load-balanced RPC endpoint

Ankr provides load-balanced RPC endpoints that empower AppChain developers to have as many full nodes as they would like in the regions closest to their users.

White-labeled block explorer

Transparently display transaction and address data for your users without building anything on your own by integrating your chain with Ankr’s block explorer.

Faucet for testnet tokens

Use Ankr’s codebase to create customizable testnet faucet solutions to provide your app or game with the resources needed for testing before going live on the mainnet.

Direct staking support

Grow your application and increase your staking TVL with access to Ankr Staking, an integration that lets your token holders stake to validators with an easy-to-use interface.

Ankr’s Exchange Readiness program

Get your token ready for listing on major exchanges with Ankr to guide you through the technical due diligence process and assist with introductory calls.

Build now

All developers can build on AppChains.

Startups and new Web3 projects
Receive Ankr’s invaluable experience as a launch partner.
Startups and new Web3 projects
Established Web3 projects
Get off gas guzzling L1s and build a blockchain tailor made to your exact specs.
Established Web3 projects
Web2 companies and gaming studios
Begin your journey to Web3 the right way with expert resources and assistance.
Web2 companies and gaming studios

Why Ankr’s AppChains?

Developers can now build on a custom dedicated blockchain serving only their application. With scalability issues out of the way, devs can focus on creating dApps that defy expectations.
Streamlined Building
Streamlined Building
Enhanced Scalability
Enhanced Scalability
Customizable Features
Customizable Features

Prepare for your exchange listing.

Get exchange-ready with a partner that has helped many projects meet listing requirements. Ankr’s exclusive Exchange Scorecard gets your project ready to hit every requirement for:
Number of validators Number of validators
Transactions per second Transactions per second
RPC requests RPC requests
Ankr will share our industry expertise and help you prepare to present your project to exchange listing teams.

Get to market faster.

Bring your project to market in days — not months or years

Give your users the best experience.

Always-low gas fees
Security features
Blazing-fast transactions

Collect gas fee revenues.

Become a network owner, not a renter. Collect a cut of global gas fees from the validation process and create a revenue stream to power your project.

Enhancing Web3 mass adoption.

L1 AppChains

Binance Application ChainsBinance Application Chains
Avalanche SubnetsAvalanche Subnets
Polygon EdgePolygon Edge

Ankr AppChains

RPC endpoints
Block explorer
Direct staking UI
Testnet faucet
Exchange-Readiness Program
Validator setup

Web3 Mass Adoption

Increased Web3 participation
Enhanced developer capabilities
Web2 → Web3 orgs
Improved Web3 game quality
Decrease in Web3 investing speculation

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