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What Are AppChains?

The Future of Web3 Scaling.

One app, one chain: the scaling solution that developers everywhere are turning to.

In the past, there were limited options when choosing a blockchain for your dApp:

Build on an existing blockchain. This can lead to a poor user experience with slow networks, high gas fees, and lack of customization.
Build a new blockchain from scratch and take on a difficult and expensive process of engineering all needs for validation, nodes, testnets, RPCs, and much more.

Application-Specific Blockchains.

App-specific blockchains (aka subnets or AppChains) are chains dedicated to serving only one dApp. They are subnets of ecosystems like the BNB Chain, Polygon, or Avalanche. AppChains give developers the best of security, throughput, and customizability without needing to build an entirely new layer-1 chain from scratch.

AppChains are solving Web3 scalability.
Millions of excited new Web3 users are disappointed by high gas fees, slow transactions, hacks, and complexity. With scalability solved, devs can focus on providing streamlined dApps that make every web user want to get involved — so Web3 can finally onboard billions of new users.

How they work.

AppChains are sidechains that are attached to a mainchain, like BNB Chain, Avalanche, or olygon. This means each AppChain can have its own consensus mechanism, process its own transactions, and have its own customizable features without worrying about smart contracts.

Scale your dApp without competition for storage and computation resources.

Choose your own programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks.

Fine tune your security without relying on complex smart contracts and asset bridges.

Ankr makes it easy to launch an AppChain.

AppChains provide many benefits, but can still be difficult to create. Ankr AppChains is our program designed to make it easy for anyone to launch an AppChain.

Go to Market Faster

Don't build from scratch — launch your project in days (instead of months or years).

One App, One Chain

Give your project room to grow — process only your own transactions without competing for traffic.

Customize Your Unique Chain

Choose your own consensus mechanism, security methods, programming languages, and more.

Customizable and efficient blockchain infrastructure for all kinds of users:

Startups and new Web3 projects

Startups and new Web3 projects

High-throughput Web3 projects

High-throughput Web3 projects

Web2 projects joining Web3

Web2 projects joining Web3

Explore Ankr AppChains.

Ankr’s AppChains make it incredibly easy to launch your dedicated chain. Learn more about our “blockchain in a toolbox” solution that comes complete with everything you need.