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Ankr is an Official Implementation Partner of Avalanche Subnets
Tailor-made, just for your appEVM, AVM & custom VM capabilitiesA New Wave of ScalabilitySeamless, secure asset bridging
Tailor-made, just for your app
Create custom frameworks and unique benefits for your users, like always-low gas fees, upgraded security, and blazing-fast transactions.
EVM, AVM & custom VM capabilities
All Avalanche Subnets have full EVM and Avalanche Virtual Machine (AVM) support, and developers have the ability to write their own custom VM.
A New Wave of Scalability
Subchains are the perfect environment for creating ultra-scalable applications that can handle almost any network load – perfect for traffic-intensive use cases like Web3 games and DeFi.
Seamless, secure asset bridging
Our bridging frameworks are designed to provide seamless interchain communication between all Avalanche Subnets for enhanced composability and feature-rich environments.

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