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Ankr AppChains on Azure.

Launch enterprise Web3 strategies seamlessly.

Develop a dedicated blockchain custom-fit for your business with Ankr, easily accessible on Microsoft’s trusted platform.

Build with ultimate scalability, security, and performance.

Quickly customize and deploy a Polygon Supernet with additional ecosystem options on the way.

Customize Your InfrastructureChoose Your EcosystemSimplify Web3 DevelopmentDeliver Ultimate Scalability & Security
Customize Your Infrastructure
Deliver always-low gas fees, upgraded security, and blazing-fast transactions. Redefine Web3 user experiences with features like silent signing and fiat onramps.
Choose Your Ecosystem
Build with Polygon Supernets to leverage scalable, high-performance infrastructure. In the future, choose from more networks like Avalanche, zkSync, and Cosmos.
Simplify Web3 Development
Streamline development with AppChains on Azure. Harness Azure's user-friendly marketplace and Ankr's engineering expertise for exceptional experiences.
Deliver Ultimate Scalability & Security
Benefit from Ankr’s leading infrastructure to scale apps to any amount of traffic. Build with confidence with enterprise-grade tech from Ankr and Microsoft.

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