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Ankr’s Polygon Subnets.

Build on supernets for super-scalable apps.

Have your Web3 app blast past the status quo with next-gen user experience and scalability.

Ankr is the trusted Infrastructure Vendor and Partner for Polygon Supernets
Personalized and made-to-orderSupercharged with Polygon EdgeA new dimension of scalabilitySeamless, secure asset bridging
Personalized and made-to-order
Create custom frameworks and unique benefits for your users like always-low gas fees, upgraded security, and blazing-fast transactions.
Supercharged with Polygon Edge
All Supernets blockchains are Ethereum compatible, customizable, and high-performing while giving you the ability to develop with Solidity, Vyper, or other programming languages.
A new dimension of scalability
Polygon Edge was designed to create ultra-scalable applications that can handle almost any network load – perfect for traffic-intensive use cases like Web3 games and DeFi.
Seamless, secure asset bridging
All supernets are interoperable with other EVM-compatible blockchains leaving you and your users an experience that is as composable and feature-reach as possible.

Why build with
Ankr AppChains?

End-to-end engineering and support
Experienced Polygon builders
Trusted Polygon Supernet vendors
“Polygon’s ecosystem is greatly strengthened by Ankr, which provides premium decentralized solutions for end-users through node hosting. From instant access to the latest blocks through their developer API to providing instant liquidity for staked MATIC tokens, Ankr is paving the way for mainstream adoption. Polygon looks forward to this continued successful partnership.”
Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon

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