Ankr Partnership with Harmony
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Ankr & Harmony will bring truly distributed consensus around the globe.

We are very proud that Harmony announced the partnership with Ankr. For us, this heralds full integration of Harmony dApps onto the Ankr distributed cloud.

About Harmony

Harmony is widely known as one of the most innovative open infrastructures for scalable consensus, designed to power decentralized economies worldwide.

Harmony aims to deliver scalability and decentralization, by taking a full stack approach to solve consensus at scale. Harmony applies innovations at every layer in their consensus algorithms, systems and networking, implementing end-to-end integration, instead of a modular approach, to optimize performance with maximal decentralization.

The Harmony team just completed funding of 23 million USD, with a final round on Binance Launchpad and were successfully listed on on June 1st.

Ankr and Harmony

Ankr and Harmony will be working on the integration of Harmony-based dApps on the Ankr distributed cloud. The integration will bring benefits, such as: high performance, cost-efficiency, security and privacy to dApps which require secure and complex computing tasks.

In addition to running their dApps on the Ankr Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN), Ankr will help Harmony expand decentralization by adding distributed running servers through our cloud and edge computing network.

Ankr is able to perform secure, efficient and decentralized data processing tasks for Harmony dApp developers, who are looking to reach consensus and secure connections for billions of IoT devices around the world.

This partnership represents far more than the simple sum of its parts: Ankr and Harmony are each excellent products with real-world use-case, but together there is so much synergy between the two platforms that the result is something far greater. Individually superb, but together, world-class.

Harmony team: We look forward to working with you and taking the next step in our blockchain evolution and revolution together!

Harmony & Ankr Telegram cross AMA

On June 5th, Harmony and Ankr will host a cross AMA together. We will each take one hour to meet the team in each other’s Telegram channel.

From 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT, we welcome the Harmony team for the AMA session in our Telegram channel.

Directly after our session, from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT, we will be welcomed in the Harmony Telegram channel to introduce Ankr to their supporters.

We look forward to meeting you there!


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