What is AppChains

AppChains is a complex solution for both Web2 and Web3 companies that allows them to move to blockchain or enrich the functionality of their blockchain projects.

AppChains features the core building blocks any company needs:

Can I use a specific building block of AppChains and not buy the whole solution?

Definitely. You decide what building blocks your project needs, and we integrate them for you.

Does my company need any effort in setting up and integrating AppChains?

We set everything for you, from integration to configuration. Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure company and that's what we do best.
All we need is some expertise from your engineers about key points of integration into your project and some API/smart contract API specs to properly connect to it.

What are Affiliated Chains?

Affiliated Chains are projects that team up with Ankr AppChains, using it as part of their infrastructure. For example, BNB Sidechain is almost entirely implemented using AppChains and thus is a paragon of the power AppChains can offer. It's a complex project that you can build upon and especially useful if your company is new to Web3 and wants a whole setup. Another example is Polygon Supernets — a partner that takes from AppChains what it misses, e.g., trusted validators for its validators set.

Meta Apes are built on AppChains. So is it any good for game projects?

Yes, Meta Apes are a perfect example of AppChains versatility and yes, AppChains are very good for bringing Web3 to your game. You do that appby lying Gaming SDK, another piece that AppChains can offer from Ankr's infrastructure.

Does the Gaming SDK provide a way for players to connect their crypto wallets?

Yes! Players will be able to easily sign in with the crypto wallets you want to include, such as MetaMask, Rainbow, or TrustWallet. This is important as this is where players will store all in-game assets like tokens and NFTs.

Can you have one currency for the game and a different currency on the blockchain as well?

Yes, our Gaming SDK feature allows you to have an AppChain currency used to pay for gas or contribute to governance, and a separate currency used on the game for rewarding players with a specific asset.

Can you have NFTs as rentals?

Yes, people can offer their current NFTs on the platform, so the investor is already lending it out and they get the financial gain, and the gamer isn't putting up too much collateral; and they can just rent the NFT to use the game.

Is cross-chain bridging available for our AppChain currency across different chains?

Yes, all Ankr AppChains are designed to provide seamless interchain communication between all AppChains and the parent chain such as BNB Sidechain or Polygon Supernets for an enhanced game environment for easier asset transactions and trading.

Which gaming environments does the SDK work with?

The SDK currently supports all games using the Unity or Unreal engines.

Can the SDK be used to create mobile games?

Yes, the SDK is especially useful and optimized for creating mobile games.

Does the SDK support any new GameFi capabilities like staking?

Yes, you can enable features like in-game staking for your players, grant them daily rewards for holding NFTs, or find other creative ways to integrate aspects of DeFi.