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Algorand is an open-source, permissionless blockchain protocol and the first that utilizes Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS). PPoS does not require nodes to lock up their funds for a pre-defined amount of time like in other Proof-of-Stake systems.

It is a scalable, decentralized and secure layer 1 network that can power the next generation of financial products.

There are two types of nodes within the Algorand network

  • Relay nodes: The primary use of relay nodes is communication routing to connected non-relay nodes. As a result, relay nodes require significantly more power to handle data flows to and from multiple connections
  • Participation nodes: These nodes are connected to relay nodes and participate in Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Node Types Available on Ankr

  • Relay Node
  • Participation Node


Available Endpoints on Ankr

Algorand has two API versions to interact with the node and an Indexer API to query data about the account status and transactions.


The APIs are available on the Relay Node.