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Run a NuCypher node

  1. Head to to deploy and click the Deploy A Node button. Create a project

  2. Search or scroll down to find the NewCypher card, hover over it, and press Deploy.

  3. Now you are taken to the configuration page. The hardware configuration is already set at the optimal system requirements, but you are allowed to increase the specifications if you wish to do so.

    The platform also recommends a cluster, which is usually the one that has the most freely available resources. In this particular case, the recommended cluster is UK cluster, but another cluster may be recommended depending on your location.

  4. The application name is pre-filled. You can change it if you want.

  5. Choose a network to deploy your node.

  6. To actively participate in the NU Cypher network, the node needs an ETH wallet that should get funded regularly. We can generate one for you and will encrypt it with your desired password, or you can insert your own Keystore. Please make sure to write your password down and keep it in a safe spot, as you will not be able to use your wallet without it.

  7. Select the Payment Method, choose the number of months you want to run the node by moving the slider. The price and discount will increase when you extend the run time.

    If later on, you want to extend the node’s run time, you can add funds at any time

  8. Click Proceed to payment. Proceed to payment

  9. Select payment method (USDT, ANKR erc20 or add your credit card).

  10. For this tutorial we will choose Add New Credit Card. Add card

  11. Provide all requested information and click Pay with Credit Card. Pay with card

  12. If all information is provided successfully the deployment will of the node will start.

  13. In order to start your Worker Node we have generated a wallet for you. Please make sure to Download your keys and keep them safe. If lost, you will not be able to recover your funds from the wallet.

  14. Tick the box to confirm you made a back-up of your keys.

  15. Click Continue.

  16. On the information page you will find information regarding your node, please make sure to send some Eth over the Wroker Address, it is needed for the node to function correctly. After the Worker address was funded, the next step is to bond the Worker to a staker.

  17. To bond the worker, navigate to or The minumum requirement to stake is 15000 $NU.

  18. Now we need to connect our wallet, click Connect Wallet.

  19. When connected your wallet, click Bond worker.

  20. Enter the ETH address created in Ankr App.

  21. Paste ETH address from Ankr App.

  22. Worker is now connected.

  23. Your worker status will now change to Bound and you are ready to receive rewards.