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OMG is a decentralized bank, exchange, and asset-backed blockchain gateway. OMG’s ultimate goal is to be a “preeminent high-value exchange and settlement platform”. Think of a decentralized Ripple + universal remittance bridge to interconnect fragmented payment processors, legacy rails, and decentralized blockchains.

This means helping the unbanked get banking services (through their open-wallet infrastructure) and facilitating unprecedented interchangeability between the many siloed legacy rails (ACH, VISA, Paypal) and decentralized blockchains (like Ethereum). This could even potentially include more obscure assets like airline miles or loyalty points.

OMG is based on ERC-20 which defines recognized smart contract code functions across the Ethereum eco-system.

The OmiseGO blockchain facilitates eWallet interchange with a decentralized exchange, cryptocurrency pair matching, order book validation, and compliant clearinghouses without ever taking full-custody of funds.

Network types available on Ankr

  • Mainnet.

Node types available on Ankr

  • Watcher Node (Full Archive)


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