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About API services

Ankr’s API service provides seamless HTTPS and Websocket access to a large selection of chains. The service is optimized via our load-balanced node clusters and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Gateway. This robust architecture provides services and APIs with significantly better reliability and performance compared to running an individual node.

Who are they for?

API Services are mainly suitable for Developers. The following use cases apply: Web 3.0 Developers looking for easy set up without hassle of running a node. Market Research & Analytics - exploring data and market opportunities.

How they work

Ankr Node Clusters sit on top of several nodes and enable node balancing with a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Gateway. The RPC Gateway automatically redirects requests from a node encountering an error towards a working node. This means that blocks continue to be confirmed even if one or several nodes encounter an error and require a restart. The RPC layer provides a multi-chain protocol and chain endpoints that can be queried.

Connecting to Chains

Connecting to chains requires using JSON-RPC API from a client to query smart contract data and submit transactions to a node.


The following refers to the Architecture diagram below:

  1. Chains being validated
  2. Nodes A, B, C are distinct nodes providing validation of transactions and finality. ​
  3. The Node Cluster ensures the redirection of data from any nodes in an error state to a working node. It provides API Endpoints to interface with the Developer API and automatically syncs in real-time with it.