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Hybrid infrastructure


This is currently a CLOSED testing feature and is not available to all clients.

If you are a Premium Plan subscriber and would like to add this feature, do the following:

  1. Checkout Ankr website

  2. Click the Help icon

  3. Enter your name, email address and then scroll down to the How can we help you field.

    Make your request and add your wallet address "I want to enable Hybrid Infrastructure, my wallet address is YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS"

  4. Click Send

We will respond ASAP.

Premium Plan (v2) users now have the ability to create a Hybrid Infrastructure by adding external RPC endpoints to their account e.g. Infura endpoint. These RPC endpoints serve as an additional resource for your own traffic ONLY.

Ankr can also support your specific use case to create a custom node cluster. You can then add an endpoint from this to your account.

Key advantages

🌍 Move towards greater decentralization and away from the risk of a single-point-of-failure.

🏗 Added RPC endpoints are secure and private. There is no possibility of no data mining.

💳 You can utilize credit from other providers e.g. Infura or Alchemy to create new endpoints and multiple paths to nodes.

💠 Add an endpoint from your own node. For example, a node configured for a specific purpose e.g. archive data, mainnet forking on your own machine.


  • This feature is included in your Premium Plan (10k ANKR)
  • No KYC required
  • No staking required (no rewards available)


Functioning RPC Endpoints

  • Only fully functioning RPC endpoints can be added.
  • The end-user must test the endpoint via the UI prior to adding it.


  • Access must be restricted by whitelisting IPs/Referrer URLs

How does it work?

Add endpoints

Obtain additional endpoint

You can add an RPC endpoint from:

  1. Other providers e.g. Infura,
  2. Your own node running on your machine.
  3. A specially configured node cluster. (Contact to discuss your use case).

Add your endpoint

  1. From Ankr RPC select Premium Plan

  2. Select the Chain you want to add your endpoints to.

  3. Add your Endpoint to the 'My endpoints' section and click '+ Add Endpoint'.

  • Add further endpoint URLs as desired.

Set up security


To protect your endpoints from unauthorized usage, we request that you whitelist referring URLs and/or IP addresses.

In the 'Security' section,

  1. Add the website address URL for each referring website address in order to whitelist it as an allowed website.

  2. Add referring IP addresses to whitelist them as allowed.