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The Premium Plan gives you access to a range of exclusive features that allow you to build on a secure, reliable, ultra-fast multi-chain network. Please fill in the form and our sales team will help you onboard.

Key features

  1. Unique Advanced API endpoints providing specialist data. read more

  2. Secure and Private endpoints for https and wss. read more

  3. Hybrid Infrastructure** read more


Enjoy the following benefits:

  • At times of network congestion, Ankr Premium requests are prioritized.
  • Establish a durable, low-latency connection via the websocket endpoint and have data pushed incrementally directly to you as soon as it is available. This makes it ideal for real-time data analytics

The Websocket API limits the maximum number of simultaneous connections to provide protection against misuse e.g. DDoS attacks, for example. If your Websocket client makes too many connections at the same time, an error message will be received.