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How to Connect a wallet to the SDK

Connecting to an Ethereum i.e. MetaMask wallet provides a link between a wallet address and a user's game account.

  • You have to connect your wallet via WalletConnect.

There are a number of ways to get a session key from your wallet. Both of these methods will generate a linking url which will create a request in your wallet to connect.

If you accept the connection, a session key will be saved in 'PlayerPrefs' for future use.

  1. Connect with QRCode using QRCodeImage component.

  2. Connect using WalletConnect.Instance.OpenMobileWallet.

  3. Create an instance of a AnkrSDKWrapper class via AnkrSDKWrapper.GetSDKInstance(...) method after successful connection to your wallet

    var ankrSdk = AnkrSDKWrapper.GetSDKInstance("<ethereum node url>");

Inside (AnkrSDK/Examples/UseCases/LinkingAccountWallet) is an example script demonstrating how to link a crypto wallet (MetaMask) to a player account.