What is Ankr Scaling Services

Ankr Scaling Services is a complex solution for Web3 companies that want to add a steadfast and reliable core functionality to their blockchain projects.

Ankr Scaling Services features the core modules any company needs:

What is a sidechain?

A sidechain is a separate blockchain that stems from the parent blockchain (mainnet) and runs independent, in parallel to it. A sidechain is commonly attached to the parent blockchain by a two-way bridge — this enables the interchangeability of digital assets between the parent and the sidechain.

What are rollups?

Rollups is a scaling solution that functions as secondary layer atop existing blockchains. Unlike sidechains, rollups rely on the backbone of the existing blockchain network, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and so on, and with Ethereum processing an average of 30 TPS, it's clear that scaling solutions are vital.

Rollups allow to process a lot of transaction off-chain, bundle them into a single transaction and commit that transaction on-chain to the mainnet, in periodic intervals. This approach effectively boosts transaction speeds without overloading the blockchain network.

What is Sidechains as a service?

Sidechains as a service is a SAAS framework for creating sidechains in different ecosystems. This framework provides an infrastructure to help developers and node operators build and run their own blockchains as their internal value system and for a massive number of users while still maintaining a close connection with one of the corresponding supported mainnets.

The main purpose of Ankr Sidechains is to allow any developer to raise their blockchain in a matter of hours, with its unique specifications and validator set. A sidechain can be connected to the corresponding mainnet infrastructure.

What is Rollups as a service?

Rollups as a service is a SAAS framework for creating rollups atop different blockchains. Along with Sidechains as a service, it is one of the two major building blocks for your Web3 project.

Can I use Sidechains and Rollups as a service together or are they mutually exclusive?

Sidechains and rollups offer different functionality and are not mutually exclusive. They can both be used in a Web3 project. Sidechains provide a separate blockchain network that can be connected to the mainnet, such as a BNB Sidechain that is ready to be connected to the BNB Smart Chain right away. Rollups provide a scaling solution that processes transactions off-chain and syncs with the mainnet in intervals, sending multiple transactions in a single bundle transaction. However, they both are meant for different blockchains: Sidechains support Avalanche, Binance, Polygon, while Rollups support Optimism and ZkSync.

Does my company need any effort in setting up and integrating Ankr Scaling Services modules?

We set everything for you, from integration to configuration. Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure company and that's what we do best. All we need is some expertise from your engineers about key points of integration into your project and some API/smart contract API specs to properly connect to it.