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For Web3 Builders

The fastest multi-chain infrastructure at unbeatable pricing

Access all the developer tools you need with remote node access, advanced APIs, and the largest multi-chain network of RPCs
For Stakers

Stake and Earn with Ankr Staking products

Stake with us on or integrate Ankr Staking and Liquid Staking SDKs directly into your dApp.
For Game Developers

Take your Web2 game to the next level with Ankr Gaming SDKs

Integrate Web3 wallets, NFTs, and monetization tools to help turn any Web2 game into a Web3 blockbuster

Powering the Web3 Ecosystem

Ankr’s globally distributed node infrastructure allows us to
build the best possible multi-chain tools as a foundational
layer for Web3, DeFi, and the digital economy.

Building a
Multi-Chain Future

Working together in Web3 is a win-win for
everyone. That’s why we’re building a
more collaborative and powerful multi-
chain ecosystem.

Yin and yang showing blockchain neutrality
Chain Neutral. Providing tools to develop
and earn on all chains.
Blockchains bridging and connecting to each other
Interoperable. Connecting and bridging as
many ecosystems as possible.
A circle of decentralized blockchain nodes
Decentralized. Applying the most important
factor of Web3 to all solutions.

What are people saying?

  • Polygon’s ecosystem is greatly strengthened by Ankr, which provides premium decentralized solutions for end-users through node hosting. From instant access to the latest blocks through their developer API to providing instant liquidity for staked MATIC tokens, Ankr is paving the way for mainstream adoption. Polygon looks forward to this continued successful partnership.

    Hamzah Khan

    Head of DeFi

  • Ankr is a key infrastructure provider for the BNB Chain ecosystem – their contributions and expertise were critical in implementing upgrades to the BSC with the Erigon client, rewriting archive node infrastructure, and creating a framework for BSC Application Sidechains. This allows the BNB Chain ecosystem to remain competitive and offer both users and builders the latest benefits.

    Samy Karim

    Ecosystem Coordinator

  • Adding Ankr as an infrastructure provider helped fulfill the desires of our community members who want to build with robust and reliable services. Apps and integrations choose to build in our ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and appreciate the breadth of tooling and technical options available to them – Ankr’s support creates yet another benefit for potential developers.

    Matthew Slipper

    Head of Engineering at OP Labs


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