Types of Liquid Staking Tokens

Types of Liquid Staking tokens

Reward Bearing Tokens, for example, ankrETH. Reward Earning tokens, deprecated.

Reward earning

These are automatically issued to your Ankr Staking Dashboard upon successful ETH2 staking.

The amount of ankrETH issued is equivalent to the amount of staked ETH.

Reward bearing tokens represents the amount of ETH staked at issuance PLUS future staking rewards.

At the end of the ETH2 staking period (when the beacon chain merges with the mainnet), ankrETH holders can redeem ankrETH for their original ETH stake plus all accumulated staking rewards.

Fair value & market price

Market price is distinct from the fair value.

Fair Value is your stake plus the rewards that have not yet been distributed. This will be received when ETH is unstaked (this is expected to be some time in 2022).

The Market Price is the price that traders are willing to buy and sell internet bonds knowing that they don't have access to the Fair Value until 2022.