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Switching aETHc on BNB Chain

We are decommissioning an older version of the aETHc Liquid Staking token on the BNB Chain and switching to a new aETHc token that is compatible with Ankr Bridge.

The reason is Binance stopped supporting an older ETH bridged version and part of our users got their older aETHc locked because of that.

To switch to the new aETHc:

  1. In your wallet, switch the account with the locked aETHc and change the network option to Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Visit Ankr Staking Dashboard. Ankr will ask you to connect your wallet if you haven't done it before. Staking dashboard with old aETHc
  3. Locate the "unsupported old version" of aETHc and click Switch to new.
    Click Switch

    If you forgot to change to Binance Smart Chain at Step 1, you may need to reconnect your wallet after changing to it.

  4. Confirm the switching transaction in your wallet.
    Confirm switching
  5. After confirming the transaction, wait for it to finalize.
    Switching in progress
  6. When the transaction is finalized and switching is successful, click Go to dashboard to see the new aETHc. You can also add it to your wallet clicking Add aETHCc to wallet.
    Successful switching