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Before you start


Ensure the following:

  • You are using a Chrome Browser.
  • You have a Polkadot.js wallet chrome extension installed.
  • You have the required amount of DOT you wish to contribute in your Polkadot.js wallet (chrome extension) plus an amount for gas fees.
  • You have a MetaMask wallet.

Install Polkadot.js wallet

1.Go to the Chrome Store and access the Polkadot.js wallet.

  1. Click Add to Chrome.
Install Polkadot.js wallet
  1. Ensure you follow master seed best practices and back up your master seed SECURELY offline.
  2. Generate a secure password and create your wallet.
  3. Give your wallet a name and select Any Chain.

Transfer DOT to your Polkadot.js wallet


Wallets to use to transfer Polkadot.

You can use Polka Wallet, Trust Wallet, Fearless Wallet, Polkadot.js to send DOT to your extension wallet.

  1. Connect your wallet to the Polkadot Account App to view your balance or make a transfer to another account.

  2. Open the top left menu and:

  • Select the Polkadot network.
  • Click Switch to change to it (if required).
Switch to Polkadot wallet
  1. You can then view your balance and/or make a transfer if required.

Connect your Polkadot.js wallet

  1. Visit Ankr Staking and click Stake.

  2. Locate the Polkadot (DOT) box and click Stake in it.

  3. Your Polkadot.js wallet pops up requesting "authorization" to connect to Ankr Staking. Click to allow access.

Stake your DOT

  1. On DOT Liquid Staking that opens after you connected your wallet, enter the desired amount to stake and click Get aDOTb.

  2. Your Polkadot.js wallet pops up requesting authorization. Click to authorize if you wish to proceed.

  3. The Staking Dashboard updates to reflect your staked amount.

Claim Liquid aDOTb Tokens

  1. Click Connect to connect to an EVM Wallet (e.g. MetaMask).

  2. Select your wallet type and connect.

  3. Authorize your Ethereum wallet.

  4. Authorize your Polkadot.js wallet.

This enables access to aDOTb Tokens. Successful addition to your wallet is indicated by your Ethereum wallet updating with aDOTb tokens. You are now free to utilize your aDOTb in Ankr DeFi or other DeFi platforms.

If you don't see your liquid staking token balance

If you don't see the balance in your wallet, do the following:

  1. Visit Ankr Staking Dashboard.
  2. Find your liquid staking token, click the three-dot menu, and click Copy token address.
  3. Add the token address manually in your wallet (e.g. MetaMask).