Ankr x GCP - Public RPC for


Ethereum Singapore

Ankr and Google Cloud are collaborating to provide an open RPC endpoint for developers, hackers, and web3 enthusiasts to connect to Ethereum mainnet and testnet throughout Sep 13, 2023.


What is it?

A public RPC endpoint for attendees of Ethereum Singapore & Ethereum Hackathon and for use at side events throughout the Lion City.


How did Ankr and Google Cloud design this service?

The public RPC is powered by Ankr Load Balancer and Google Cloud Blockchain Engine.


Is this free?

Yes, usage is free! No account required.


How do I use it?

Choose a chain and connect through one of these endpoints

Ethereum, Mainnet

Ethereum, Testnet (Goerli)

Ethereum, Testnet (Sepolia)

Need an advanced RPC service?