Simply put, Ankr is a crypto-currency based Cloud Computing platform that aims to utilise existing idle compute-resources to drive the network rather than require new hardware to be installed. It's a very eco-friendly and smart approach to providing Cloud services.
This idle-compute power is supplied by providers who have under-utilised data centers, meaning they’re able to use Ankr to monetise this idle resource.
According to research from McKinsey and Stanford, there are nearly 70% “non-performing” server assets and 30% of servers (including standard server, hypervisors, and VMs) in data centers around the world that have experienced no network, user, connection, memory or CPU activity in six months or more. Yet they remain active and available - and therefore a continual drain to run.
This is why, in 2018, we launched Ankr a distributed cloud computing platform that allows anyone with a computer to contribute their processing power to scientific researchers and enterprises. In return, participants can be rewarded for their contributions.

To answer this, consider the industry-leader, Amazon’s AWS. There are three major drawbacks to using AWS:

  • Expensive:AWS is notoriously expensive, and with a limited budget this can draw resource away from where it might be better spent progressing the platform itself.
  • Centralised:The cloud infrastructure is owned by Amazon, in Amazon’s data centers. If Amazon suffers any global outage then so will any nodes hosted on their cloud; there can be no quick recovery from this scenario.
  • Impersonal:Being a cloud ‘giant’, Amazon treats customers very much at arms-length. They also have little understanding and/or appreciation of the unique nature of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. This can lead to frustration when dealing with technical issues.

  • Ankr addresses these three drawbacks admirably:

  • Cheaper:Ankr is significantly cheaper than AWS; approximately half the cost for the same compute-power.
  • Decentralised:Because of how Ankr’s compute-power is provided by many different providers, via their own enterprise-managed data centers, this means that even if one provider suffers a global outage, this will only affect a limited part of the hosting services. Ankr offers provider-decentralisation, which no other cloud provider can compete with on the scale and reliability that Ankr can.
  • Personal:We are a blockchain platform. We understand and appreciate the unique nature of this industry and we have experts on hand to help address any of these issues should they arise. We provide 24/7 personal support and never hide behind any kind of AI ‘help bot’.

  • But more than this we offer some further advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly:Our approach to cloud computing is notably eco-friendly since we use idle resource that would otherwise still be consuming power. By optimising the use of existing hardware rather than adding to the global footprint, we present the most ecologically sound solution possible to the Cloud Computing market.
  • Automated management:By using cloud-native technology to run applications using Kubernetes, running applications are automatically monitored for failures such as segment faults etc and relaunch if possible. This provides greater resiliency and stability of the hosted platform.
  • Blockchain:Both the projects associated with Nodes and Ankr are both blockchain-based products. We all need Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to become more mainstream and enjoy widespread adoption, therefore it’s of mutual benefit to encourage utilisation and success.
  • The only qualifying criteria for engagement to begin is that the provider will be able to offer at least 10 nodes, each of which meets this minimum specification:

    2.5GHz Intel Scalable Processor or above
    16 cores and 128G Memory and 500 GB SSD and above
    GPU Nvidia 1050 and above

    If you meet this criteria, then the best way to engage is to complete our ‘Provider’ form on our application. To do this, simply visit:https://app.ankr.com/provider/apply/info

    Simply get in touch with the team at info@ankr.com with the answers to the following questions:

    • How many instances do you plan to have?
    • Do you have docker images for your instance? If so, do you have a Helm chart for deployment?
    • Do you have special requirements for CPU/GPU/Memory/Disk/Bandwidth?
    • Do you have any special requirements for network connections such as fixed IP, IP whitelisting, fixed port etc?
    • To launch your instance, what settings will need to be configured and what output needs to be displayed to the user?
    • Does your software have any external dependencies?

    We will then engage with you to help you add your application in Ankr’s store.

    Ankr already host Nodes for Zilliqa and more blockchain companies are joining us very soon. We aim to make Ankr the leading and standard hosting solution for blockchain projects to use, and joining us is very straightforward - since Nodes need to be packaged as Kubernetes containers (and we can help you with this by the way), they’re effectively applications too.

    So just refer to the FAQ ‘How do I add my application to Ankr’s App Store?’ and send us answers to the few simple questions and we will get in touch to help you make this a reality!

    To answer this, it’s best to simply give a flavour of the ‘moving parts’ and how the tokens flow between them:

    • Providers offer their idle compute resource in return for payment in Ankr tokens
    • This compute power forms the Ankr cloud which is utilised by Ankr consumers
    • Consumers pay Ankr tokens to utilise the cloud
    • Investors can ‘stake’ Ankr tokens in the platform for a continual ROI
    • Staking tokens removes them from circulation, driving up value
    • The Ankr acquired from Consumers are used to:
      • Pay Providers
      • Provide the ROI for Staking
      • Continue to fund the company and progress the project

    The use-cases for Ankr are tremendously varied, but we see ourselves as being critically placed to play a signficant role in the decentralised nature of Web 3.0.

    In scientific fields, there are many applications for a massive cloud-compute platform for simulation and research, and beyond this we expect further utilisation in the fields of graphic rendering, blockchain mining, prediction and analysis engines - the list is endless and the possibilities infinite...