Our Vision

Our Vision

Cloud Computing is projected to be a trillion dollar market, yet it is monopolized by some of the largest tech conglomerates in the world. Only these giants can afford the high human capital cost and upfront server costs, but this only results in a higher margin for customers.

We believe we can provide the lower barrier for businesses and consumers around the world to enter the cloud by bring compute resources closer to them at a cheaper price.

Trend for Computing

Mainframe Computer

IBM, Dell, HP

Public Cloud

AWS, Azure

Distributed Cloud


Technology Overview

Technology Overview

Ankr's innovations include:
  • Resource discovery and repurposing for containerized microservices
  • Dynamic pricing marketplace for using idle capacities
  • Seamless support for building applications using Trusted Execution Environment
  • Blockchain-native tokens for off-chain computation, micropayment, fulfillment and transaction settlement

Three major types of computing jobs solved

by the existing Cloud providers

Batch processing

example:Elastic MapReduce, Hadoop

Security & Privacy

example:Website, API Server, Daemon Process

Resource-Efficient framework

example:AWS Lambda, Serverless Architecture

Data Center

Small data center operators can improve the utilization rate for their resources, and thus improve both revenue and maintain a significant profit margin.

Ankr would leverage the power of Kubernetes to share the resources inside data centers. And also with the help of containers, all three tasks of jobs are suitable to be run in this framework.


Blockchain based on chain distributed cloud computing platform
01 Ankr DISTRIBUTED computing platform

With Intel SGX enhanced BOINC Solution, our cloud computing platform support contributors around world with Windows, Mac, Linux systems as distributed computing node.

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Mobile/Edge Devices

Mobile can be fit most for the large amount small batch process jobs. This will highly leverage ARM TrustZone and potentially expand to solutions related to IoT technology.