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00 Before you start

▶️  SDK walkthrough

👉🏻  Getting started

The Ankr Unreal SDK sends requests to the backend client to connect and interact with the blockchain to send and retrieve data.

The baseURL is:

  • Back End
    • Ankr handles all communication with the backend and blockchain via a baseURL
    • The Ankr Unreal SDK sends call functions and parameters and receives JSON responses as to whether the call is successful or not.

💫  Use cases

Currently, the SDK serves three use cases:

  1. Connect Wallet (MetaMask) and Authenticate User
  2. Update NFT by signing and sending Transactions
  3. Wearables NFT (Minting)

The first step is to initiate connection to a Web3 wallet and authenticate the player as the owner of the wallet.


To get started, you need to have deployed your contract on to the blockchain and have the ABI and the Contract Address.