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Welcome to Ankr Docs 👋

Find information on Ankr products, SDK documentation, API references, RPC methods, Web3 tutorials, developer guides, codes, and more.

This documentation lets you explore how you can use and integrate Ankr's full suite of decentralized products and services, including free public RPC endpoints that developers have come to know and love, alongside new Premium and Enterprise plans packed with advanced developer tools — all powered by a globally distributed and decentralized network of nodes.

RPC Service

  • Access RPC Endpoints via HTTPS or WebSockets.
  • Interact with 22+ supported blockchains.
  • Test out and get important stats.
  • Suitable for Web3 developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Advanced APIs/SDKs

  • Access a specifically-tailored collection of JSON-RPC API endpoints.
  • Interact with 8 supported blockchains.
  • Use Ankr JavaScript/Python SDKs and React Hooks.
  • Tailored to support most popular Web3 scenarios.


  • Transition from Web2 to Web3 seamlessly.
  • Order a turnkey dedicated blockchain tailored to you.
  • Choose separate components your project needs.
  • Build a fast and secure blockchain with BNB Sidechain.


  • Easily stake 5+ tokens on a secure, decentralized network.
  • Earn rewards on tokens without needing technical knowledge.
  • Connect staking rewards to DeFi to trade/farm for even higher APY.
  • Integrate Ankr Staking into your projects.


  • Take your game to the next level — Web3.
  • Launch your Web3 monetization strategy.
  • Integrate Web3 wallets easily.
  • Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine.


  • Learn how to develop Smart Contracts, build dApps, explore tools and frameworks, and more.
  • Find getting-started tutorials, guides and follow along to ship cool stuff.
  • Explore code guides, tools, tutorials, and resources you need to write and deploy smart contracts.
  • Find end-to-end tutorials to build and ship full-fledged decentralized applications.