Welcome to Ankr Docs

Welcome to Ankr Docs

Ankr is the leading Web3 infrastructure company. It has a set of different products for building, earning, gaming, and more — all on blockchain.

This documentation explains how to use Ankr's products and services as a developer as well as a regular Web3 user. From public RPC endpoints (opens in a new tab) that developers have come to know and love, alongside new Premium and Enterprise plans (opens in a new tab) packed with advanced developer tools (opens in a new tab) — all powered by a globally distributed and decentralized network of nodes.

Node API

  • Access RPC/REST Endpoints via HTTPS or WebSockets.
  • Interact with 50+ supported blockchains.
  • Test out and get important stats.
  • Suitable for Web3 developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Advanced API

  • Access a specifically-tailored collection of JSON-RPC API endpoints.
  • Interact with 16 mainnet and 4 testnet chains supported.
  • Use Ankr JavaScript/Python SDKs and React Hooks.
  • Tailored to support most popular Web3 scenarios.

Contract Automation

  • Execute contract functions based on various triggers.
  • Choose time-based or event based automation.
  • Rely on robust Ankr infrastructure for your automation tasks.
  • Easily manage automation tasks from a single dashboard.

Ankr Verify

  • Create your Digital ID and safely access Web3.
  • Never disclose personal data thanks to Zero-Knowlegde Proofs.
  • Provide a friendly verification experience to your users.
  • Seamlessly integrate dApps on EVM and non-EVM chains.
  • Comply with the KYC requirements in any jurisdiction.

Ankr Scaling Services

  • Transition from Web2 to Web3 seamlessly.
  • Choose between two major products-as-a-service: Sidechains or Rollups.
  • Deploy a fast and secure network.
  • Choose additional components from Developer Marketplace.


  • Easily stake 5+ tokens on a secure, decentralized network.
  • Earn rewards on tokens without needing technical knowledge.
  • Connect staking rewards to DeFi to trade/farm for even higher APY.
  • Integrate Ankr Staking into your projects.


  • Take your game to the next level — Web3.
  • Launch your Web3 monetization strategy.
  • Integrate Web3 wallets easily.
  • Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine.


  • Learn how to develop Smart Contracts, build dApps, explore tools and frameworks, and more.
  • Find getting-started tutorials, guides and follow along to ship cool stuff.
  • Explore code guides, tools, tutorials, and resources you need to write and deploy smart contracts.
  • Find end-to-end tutorials to build and ship full-fledged decentralized applications.