Liquid Staking
Unstake on EigenLayer

Unstake ankrETH on EigenLayer

If you want to unstake ankrETH on EigenLayer to use it different DeFi opportunities or to get your ETH back. To withdraw your ankrETH, you need to first undelegate it from the operator and then withdraw your deposit.

Undelegate from the operator

EigenLayer has not yet released the undelegating feature on their Mainnet.
The release is touted to be around April 2024.

If you've already delegated your deposit on Goerli, you can undelegate it from Ankr's AVS operator on Goerli.

  1. Visit the Goerli operator page (opens in a new tab).
  2. From the operators you have delegated to, choose an operator and click Manage. Choose operator and click Manage
  3. On the operator detail page, click Undelegate. Click Undelegate
  4. First, confirm the withdrawal transaction in MetaMask, then wait a few moments for it to mine and confirm the undelegation transaction in MetMask.

Withdraw your deposit

EigenLayer, and other projects on top of it (opens in a new tab), are rumored to soon initiate an airdrop — giveaway of a protocol’s tokens that could have great worth on the market. If you want to participate, it is not advised to withdraw your deposit, as it gains you restaking points that make you eligible for the upcoming airdrop.

To withdraw your deposit from EigenLayer:

  1. Visit the ankrETH restaking Mainnet page (opens in a new tab) or Goerli page (opens in a new tab) respectively and click the Unstake tab. CLick the Unstake tab
  2. Click Withdraw. CLick Withdraw
  3. Confirm the withdrawal transaction in MetaMask.