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Why stake Ethereum (ETH) with Ankr

Unlock staked

Stake Ethereum (ETH) for rewards and still have access to your assets with a liquid staking token from ANKR.

Keep calm,
and DeFi on

Don’t miss any Ethereum (ETH) DeFi chances. You can still trade, farm, provide, vault, and so on to maximize profit.

Complete freedom
of action

Liquid staking tokens can be transferred, sold or gifted with rights for original ETH and rewards.

Earn across

Explore more DeFi opportunities on other chains by bridging liquid staking tokens.

without hassle

No need to run your own node or find a reliable validator - all hard work is done by Ankr.

How to Liquid Stake Ethereum (ETH)

  1. 1

    Click “Stake Now” and reach Ethereum (ETH) staking flow.

  2. 2

    Enter the amount of Ethereum (ETH) you want to stake and get ankrETH liquid staking tokens.

    Liquid staking tokens represent your staked assets and deliver your accumulated rewards.


    Reward-bearing token with rewards built in.
    Redemption ratio grows daily, but quantity never changes.
    Current redemption ratio is 1 ankrETH = 1.1 Ethereum (ETH)

  3. 3

    Confirm the transaction and Voila, you just became a staker.

    You can check your staking exposure and earned rewards on the Dashboard

What can I do with my staked Ethereum (ETH)?

Hold ankrETH in your wallet and watch the staking rewards accumulate on your Dashboard.

Send or trade your tokens with any Ethereum address to pass on staking rewards to the new recipient.

Use liquid staking tokens to earn more on other DeFi protocols with strategies like yield farming and vaults, etc.

Unstake on Ankr and get your original ETH back with accumulated rewards once Ethereum 2.0 is released.

ANKR Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking DeFI integrations.

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Start earning ETH with
Ankr Liquid Staking.

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Ethereum Staking

What is Ethereum liquid staking?

Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking is a way for users to earn staking rewards for helping to secure and validate transactions on the Ethereum network by contributing their ETH to validator nodes via Ankr Staking. Ethereum is one of the most widely adopted Layer 1 blockchains in the world as the originator of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

How does Ethereum liquid staking work?

Ankr Staking offers Ethereum holders the opportunity to stake their ETH and, in return, claim the ETH Liquid Staking token — ankrETH. The ankrETH token is a reward-bearing token, meaning that the fair value of 1 ankrETH token vs. ETH increases over time as staking rewards accumulate inside the token. The ankrETH token also offers instant liquidity for your staked ETH, enabling you to connect ankrETH with DeFi platforms and earn several more layers of rewards.

What are Ethereum liquid staking rewards?

Ankr’s ETH liquid staking rewards are delivered via holding the ankrETH token. The ankrETH token is reward-bearing, meaning its quantity stays the same from the moment of staking. Instead, it appreciates in value in relation to ETH, so the price stakers can sell 1 ankrETH for will grow over time due to reward accumulation.

Is liquid staking Ethereum worth it?

Those who stake ETH on Ankr Staking can earn substantial rewards on their Ethereum assets. You can visit the staking calculator on this page to weigh your options and see your potential earnings. On top of liquid staking rewards, you can also contribute ankrETH liquid staking tokens to DeFi protocols to earn an extra layer of rewards. See all opportunities on our DeFi Aggregator.

How can I calculate Ethereum liquid staking rewards?

You can use the earnings calculator on this page to determine the possible rewards you could earn with your ETH. This will give you a monthly and yearly estimation of your rewards.

What is the Ethereum staking yield or APY?

This is the anticipated rewards you will earn as an annual percentage yield. Keep in mind that the APY can change due to factors such as changes in the Ethereum network. You can see the current APY for ETH liquid staking at the top of this page.

What does staking Ethereum mean?

Ethereum 2.0, also known as ETH 2.0, is an upgrade to the Ethereum network that introduces a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. With Ethereum staking, users can participate in the network's security and earn rewards by locking up their Ether (ETH) with a validator.

Can I withdraw my Ethereum while staking?

Yes, you can elect to withdraw your ETH at any time on the Ankr Staking platform. However, your wait time for unstaking will depend on the unstaking queue. Learn more about unstaking by visiting the docs.

What is the best platform for Ethereum staking?

There are several options for staking Ethereum, but Ankr Staking provides the opportunity to earn extra layers of rewards via liquid staking in addition to the flexibility to unstake at any time.