The Cloud,  Reimagined Distributed Trusted

Build a Faster, Cheaper, Securer cloud using idle processing power in data centers and edge devices

What’s Ankr?

What’s Ankr?

Ankr is a distributed computing platform that aims to leverage idle computing resources in data centers and edge devices. What Ankr enables is a Sharing Economy model where enterprises and consumers can monetize their spare computing capacities from their devices, on-premise servers, private cloud and even public cloud. This enables Ankr to provide computing power much closer to users at a much cheaper price.

Why Ankr?

Higher Availability

Deploy from the closest computing resources available across the global

Cheaper Price

Sharing Economy’s asset-light nature
results in fairer pricing

Easier Integration

Build from the tools and languages
you already know

Securer Communication

Leverage cryptographic primitives and
TEEs to protect computation integrity

Use Cases

Ankr is versatile in various types of computing jobs.
  • 01
    Computation-heavy applications where computation offsets communications
  • 02
    Monte Carlo simulations (e.g., medical/geological research)
  • 03
    Time-sensitive signal processing offloading (e.g., rendering for AR/VR)
  • 04
    Offline data analytics without strict deadlines


Company Founded
November 2017
Project Research
Q4 2017 & Q1 2018
Proof of Concept
April 2018
Venture-backed Fundraising
April 2018
Whitepaper Release
June 2018
Prototype Release
July 2018
September 2018
Integration with BOINC
October 2018
Solution for Idle Data Center
November 2018
New Website Release
December 2018
Data center solution
pilot adoption
Q1 2019
Data center solution user experience improvement & infrastructure integration
Q2 2019
Enterprise level service
initial launch
Q3 2019
Additional cloud
computing functionalities
Q4 2019


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