Kiss losing stuff goodbye.
ANKR is a small electronic device that makes your stuff smart, and hard to lose. Now your things can let you know when they're about to be left behind. It's kind of like an affordable sanity protection system.

Bluetooth 4.1 required on Android devices. Learn more...

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ANKR is perfect for things that are easy to misplace, like a purse, a wallet, your keys, your bags or whatever you can't afford not to keep by your side. It's designed to fit slimly on your key ring, or discreetly hide inside of small spaces.
We're talking about things you'd like to keep on you at all times. Probably not your grandmother or cat. Unless that's how it is. In which case, be our guest. The ANKR app tracks an unlimited number of things, so go wild!
pre-loss alerts
keep stuff close.
ANKR alerts you when you're about to lose your stuff. And it's smart enough to know when to speak to you and where not to... so your "things" aren't barking at you when you're a few inches away.
ANKR works seamlessly with your unique lifestyle -- respecting safe zones, so your stuff will know if they're at home on the counter, or lost in the park.
lost your thing?
make it sing.
Let's imagine you missed that separation alert and still somehow managed to lose your ANKR'd thing. No problem... just open the ANKR app on your smartphone, press the name of your lost thing, and an ear-tickling tone will emanate from it, helping you locate it quickly.
fast and easy
to set up.
Maybe you're the early adopter type, reading this page through an Oculus Rift and Google Glass at the same time. And that's cool. But we designed the ANKR app to be easy enough for you or your grandmother that still thinks you're talking about a live animal when you say "mouse".
Just place your ANKR next to your smartphone, open the app, and give it a name when it detects it. If you're feeling fancy, tell the app how, when and where you want to track. Et voila! No Bluetooth pairing required.
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the ankr app

The ANKR app keeps track of as many ANKR'd things as you want! Defining safe zones within the app helps ANKR get to know your lifestyle, and alerts you when you're at risk of losing things at unexpected locations.

Our app periodically and efficiently uses your phone's GPS to drop location markers, so that you can get back to where your ANKR was most recently seen.

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Who knew peace of mind was so affordable?

Say goodbye to losing your $#!*, once and for all. Grab an ANKR or three...and the next time you lose your mind, it won't be over losing your stuff.