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Servicing The Best Rollup Frameworks

Innovation delivered with Ankr RaaS.

Launch rollups on Ethereum with next-gen tools and unmatched performance.

Deliver automatic yield for every token holder.

Imagine every token on your Ethereum-based rollup offers constant rewards for holders. This is the power of using Ankr’s Ethereum liquid staking token, ankrETH, as your optional gas token.

  • Unlock the massive capital base of staked ETH for rollup security

  • Use ankrETH to deliver a constant stream of rewards for holders

  • Multiply dApp TVL as token value increases daily

  • Use ankrETH to cover operational costs and subsidize gas fees

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Use a complete service to super-charge your project.

Streamlined Launch

Rollups scaling all enterprise use cases.

Unparalleled Reliability

Ensure the highest speed and unwavering uptime with Ankr’s global node network.

Unmatched Flexibility

Build using your preferred stack, including Polygon CDK, OP Stack, ZK Stack, and Fluent.

Seamless Integrations

Leverage protocols like Eigen Layer for instant builder resources and staked capital.

Rollups scaling all enterprise use cases.

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Enable massive improvements and convenience across the digital economy with new ways to interact, pay, create, and earn on every platform from Social media to eCommerce.


Overhaul interoperability between providers and systems with enhanced quality of healthcare services.


Introduce a new foundation for operations from banking to exchanges with enhanced on-chain ownership, tracking, transparency, and accelerated settlement.

Receive superior transaction speed, scalability, and affordability while enabling 24/7 trading of all desired digital security tokens.


Revolutionize your supply chain by providing transparency, traceability, and security at every step of a product’s journey.

Ensure immutable record keeping with minimized potential for fraud or errors while optimizing supply flows and increasing trust among all participants.


Increase the transparency and security of title records, reduce transaction costs, and expedite property transfers.

Experience a new framework to mitigate fraud and property ownership management.


Enable individuals and organizations to trade energy as a commodity and sell excess power back to the grid.

Create new revenue streams for energy producers and harness a secure and transparent means of tracking energy production and consumption.


Success stories.

Organizations around the world use Ankr Sphere to launch blockchain initiatives, scale, and simplify development on the digital frontier.




Ankr created a dedicated blockchain for Chiliz to power innovative experiences for some of the largest sports enterprises in the world, from Formula 1 to the NFL.

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With the rock-solid foundations provided by Ankr, Chiliz Chain has the potential to become a game-changing blockchain

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