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Ankr offers liquid, secure, and easy to integrate staking infrastructure to enterprise customers through our network of Enterprise Staking Partners.

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What’s the idea of Liquid staking?

Unlike regular staking, Ankr issues you Liquid staking tokens. They are equivalent to the staked assets plus the accumulated staking rewards. They can be used almost the same way as original assets, and thats why it’s called Liquid staking.

Reward-bearing liquid staking token

Rewards are built in. Grows in value to the staked asset daily to represent staking rewards.

For example, now 1 ankrETH = ETH

staking experience

Ankr Bridge enables you to bridge liquid staking tokens to different blockchains for maximum earning opportunities and a cross-chain staking experience.

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Stake from any chain • Enjoy more liquidity • Find more trading opportunities • Stake from any chain • Enjoy more liquidity • Find more trading

Boost your yields with Ankr DeFi

Let liquid staking tokens work for you with boundless DeFi opportunities.

Provide liquidity and earn trading fees
Lock your LP tokens and get additional farming rewards
Lend or borrow against your staked tokens
Deposit liquid staking tokens in a vault to compound yields

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Staking FAQ

What is staking?

When you stake crypto, you are essentially helping to secure Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks by helping validator nodes meet their capital requirements to validate transactions, verify the network state, and add new blocks to the blockchain. In return, you as a staker receive your fair share of the rewards earned in the validation process.

How does staking work?

Staking works by contributing different tokens to validator nodes. Ankr Staking simplifies this process by delegating your tokens automatically to the best validators while issuing you liquid staking tokens in return, such as ankrETH. These tokens not only gain you rewards, but also have liquidity and can be traded on major exchanges.

What cryptocurrencies can be staked?

You can stake several tokens on Proof-of-Stake blockchains via Ankr Staking, like ETH, MATIC, DOT, FTM, AVAX, and more.

How do I start staking?

You can start staking by navigating to Ankr Staking and connecting your wallet from the supported wallet options. You can choose an asset to stake and follow the step-by-step instructions available for each chain in our docs.

What are the benefits of staking?

Staking is an excellent way to earn rewards on the assets you plan on holding. Staking allows you to earn rewards passively in any market condition, increasing your potential return on investment. Additionally, staking through Ankr Staking provides several additional benefits, such as increased flexibility and the opportunity to earn more with Liquid Staking tokens in DeFi. Learn more.

What are the risks of staking?

The only risk for stakers is the chance they will miss out on rewards during any time a validator they staked with is slashed. Slashing is a protocol-level penalty associated with a validator failure if it validates an invalid transaction, attacks the network, or goes offline. However, your staked tokens will not be slashed — slashing impacts only the self-stake of the validator. Ankr only delegates to trusted and reputable validator nodes to avoid any validator that would act maliciously.

How much can I earn from staking?

Ankr Staking makes it easy to calculate how much you could be earning on your available assets. You can visit the staking calculator by clicking on the “Learn More” button on every staking option. The staking calculator provides a monthly and yearly estimation of your rewards.

Do I need to keep my staked coins in a specific wallet?

After staking your tokens, you can transfer them to any wallet that supports them. Several wallets are compatible with Ankr Staking, such as MetaMask, that can be used in conjunction with hardware wallets like Ledger Nano.

Can I withdraw my staked coins at any time?

You can elect to withdraw your staked tokens at any time. However, you may need to wait for an unbonding period to finish before you can complete the unstaking process. You can see how long it will take to unstake each token by navigating to the “Unstake” section of each chain in the Ankr Docs. Ankr Docs.

What is the best crypto staking platform?

Many exchanges and platforms offer crypto staking, but Ankr Staking provides a wide range of blockchains and enhanced flexibility with Liquid Staking. Liquid Staking provides additional opportunities for instant liquidity in trading and additional earning strategies on DEXs and DeFi protocols.