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Ankr offers liquid, secure, and easy to integrate staking infrastructure to enterprise customers through our network of Enterprise Staking Partners.

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Integrate Liquid Staking and become an entry point to the DeFi 2.0

Easy integration, frictionless access, agile infrastructure, and safeness.

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User-friendly, profitable, transparent, and secure Liquid Staking

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1. Stake your crypto and get liquid staking tokens

2. Use liquid staking in DeFi to boost your yield

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What’s the idea of Liquid staking?

Unlike regular staking, Ankr issues you Liquid staking tokens. They are equivalent to the staked assets plus the accumulated staking rewards. They can be used almost the same way as original assets, and thats why it’s called Liquid staking.

Reward-bearing liquid staking token

Rewards are built in. Grows in value to the staked asset daily to represent staking rewards.

For example, now 1 ankrETH = ETH

staking experience

Ankr Bridge enables you to bridge liquid staking tokens to different blockchains for maximum earning opportunities and a cross-chain staking experience.

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Stake from any chain • Enjoy more liquidity • Find more trading opportunities • Stake from any chain • Enjoy more liquidity • Find more trading

Boost your yields with Ankr DeFi

Let liquid staking tokens work for you with boundless DeFi opportunities.

Provide liquidity and earn trading fees
Lock your LP tokens and get additional farming rewards
Lend or borrow against your staked tokens
Deposit liquid staking tokens in a vault to compound yields

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Ankr Liquid Staking.

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