Power your Web3 enterprise with APIs, staking, analytics, and more

Ankr for Enterprise

Connect to Web3 securely with our enterprise-grade node infrastructure and Blockchain API services for Enterprise staking, dApp development and data analytics.

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Save time and money with Ankr's
custom Enterprise infrastructure

  • Node integrations

    Integrate staking, trading and custody services on your platform to cater to the demand of your users.

  • Data analytics

    Gain insights in on-chain data to power your data analytics platform by easily deploying and maintaining a full node for a wide range of blockchains.

  • API solutions

    Save money by instantly connecting to and API endpoint of major protocols to supercharge your wallet, CEX, DEX and other Dapps.

Everything you need, in one place

  • Monitoring

    A user interface showing the Ankr application

    Easily track the performance of your nodes, anywhere, anytime.

  • Alert system

    Ankr alert system screen

    Receive alerts in case of any inconsistencies.

  • Ticketing system

    Ankr ticketing system screen

    Solve problems fast with our 24/7 customer support across all timezones.

MonitoringAlert systemTicketing system
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Who can build with Ankr?

  • Exchanges

    Provide new features to your users, such as additional ways of earning through staking and lending.

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  • Staking

    Quickly integrate the latest PoS protocols in your staking platform, without having to bother about management and updates.

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  • Wallets and

    Integrate leading DeFi protocols and new blockchains into your wallet conveniently.

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  • Dapp

    Build your applications faster and more easily on 50+ protocols while you focus on innovation.

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  • Blockchain

    Cut costs by connecting to API endpoints of major blockchains. Let us do the work for you.

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  • Data

    Gather high-quality on-chain data directly from the source, for data analytics and business intelligence.

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  • Investment

    Add new assets for your investors and store safely and securely in native wallets.

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See what others are building with Ankr

  • Ferrum Network is using Ankr’s solutions to run Ethereum nodes, to help their decentralized applications Kudi Exchange and Unifyre wallet scale in the backend. Ankr’s unique features like high uptime, scalability and automated management convinced the Ferrum team to switch from Infura to Ankr for its hands-free and low-cost enterprise node infrastructure.

  • The top-tier Korean exchange Coinone integrated Ankr’s staking infrastructure to offer their users a convenient way of staking of TRX tokens and automatically receive rewards in their wallets.

  • KardiaChain is hosting their fully decentralized cross-chain exchange, KardiaChain DEX, on Ankr's infrastructure.