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Tencent cloud

Blockchain RPC & API.

Blazing-fast blockchain connections tailored to your project.


Access 30+ blockchains through the world’s largest RPC platform

Tap into low latency responses with geo-distribution across 24 metros

Customize throughput requirements with requests per second over 25,000

Engage a fast-response engineering support team with a dedicated slack or telegram channel

Design dedicated and bespoke infrastructure by request

Choose fixed monthly payment options in ACH, Credit Card, ANKR Tokens, or USDT

Powering the best of Web3:
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White Label Liquid Staking.

Your own Liquid Staking solution for higher TVL and liquidity.


Activate staking for any of your EVM PoS assets

Leverage prebuilt support for 6+ popular assets

Enable asset bridging to/from the most popular chains

Implement out-of-the-box and tailor-made solutions

Take advantage of low integration costs

Offer safe staking with multiple security audits

Tokens enhancing liquidity on:


Dedicated blockchain solutions for your project.


Launch a customized blockchain only serving your enterprise

Receive superior transaction speed, scalability, and affordability

Harness the performance of enterprise-grade infrastructure

Bring your customers to Web3 seamlessly with enhanced app features

Enable fiat onramp/offramp integrations for easy payments

Provide an all-in-one interface for interacting with your chain

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Success stories of our partners

Ankr is a key infrastructure provider for the BNB Chain ecosystem — their contributions and expertise were critical in implementing upgrades to the BNB Chain with the Erigon client, rewriting archive node infrastructure, and creating a framework for BNB Application Sidechains (BAS). This allows the BNB Chain ecosystem to remain competitive and offer both users and builders the latest benefits.
Samy Karim
Samy Karim

BNB Chain Ecosystem Coordinator

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