Bridge Tokens

Bridge tokens

We're going to explain bridging, using ankrETH (ex-aETHc).

Bridge ankrETH

  1. Visit Ankr Bridge (opens in a new tab) and choose ankrETH.
  2. Enter the desired ankrETH amount to bridge and click Approve to allow Ankr Bridge smart contracts to bridge for you. Enter an amount and click Approve
  3. Confirm your approval in MetaMask. Confirm your approval
  4. Click get ankrETH to send ankrETH to the destination network. Click Send
  5. Confirm bridging ankrETH in MetMask. We recommend choosing the high fee value for faster transaction mining time. Confirm bridging
  6. Keep the page open, do not navigate away or close the tab. Ankr Bridge shows you the sending progress. Wait till the cross-chain transaction successfully finishes. Don't close the next page
  7. Once the tokens are bridged, click Switch to Binance SmartChain to receive them on the destination network. Click Switch
  8. Confirm switching networks. Confirm switching networks
  9. Connect your wallet if asked, choosing MetaMask.
  10. Click Receive to receive ankrMATIC on the destination network by clicking Receive. A gas fee applies. Click Receive
  11. Confirm receiving ankrMATIC in MetaMask. Confirm receiving
  12. Click Add ankrMATIC to wallet to add the bridged tokens to MetaMask.
    You can also see the transaction in the explorer by clicking the go-to button next to the transaction hash. Click Add

If something failed along the way after #5, see the Finish Bridge section below.

Finish Bridge

The Finish Bridge functionality allows you to get back to the bridging process if anything fails.

The bridging process may fail due to:

  • Navigating away from the Bridge page anytime during the process.
  • Closing the page anytime during the process.
  • Ankr Bridge failures due to network instability and other possible issues.

If the process failed anywhere before #5 from Bridge ankrMATIC, no action is needed. Just start bridging again.

If the process failed at #5 or later:

  1. Open your wallet, find and copy the transaction ID from the Deposit operation.
  2. Visit Ankr Bridge (opens in a new tab).
  3. Click Finish Bridge. Click Finish Bridge
  4. Paste the deposit transaction ID in the form and click Proceed bridge. Click proceed bridge
  5. Check that it brought you to the Sending progress page, then continue from #6 in the Bridge ankrMATIC instructions above. Don't close the next page