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Advanced APIs Overview


Advanced APIs is a unique feature that comes along with other extensive capabilities provided to our Premium Plan users.

Advanced APIs is a specifically-tailored collection of JSON-RPC API endpoints built to support the most popular Web3 scenarios on multiple chains at almost instant speeds. We believe it to become a single point of reference for the multi-chain requests.


Advanced APIs optimize, index, cache, and store blockchain data to make it access-ready for you. To make things even better, our Advanced APIs support querying eight EVM-compatible blockchains in a single request.

Chains Supported

Currently, Advanced APIs work with the following EVM-compatible chains:

  • Ethereum
  • Fantom
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum
  • Syscoin
  • Optimism

And more EVM and non-EVM chains coming soon.

API Collections Available

Query our Advanced APIs at the following URL:


Check out the latest Advanced APIs collections for various Web3 scenarios:


NFT API Methods serve to request NFT-related data across multiple chains:

Query APIs

Query API Methods serve to request info on the ranges of blocks (max range is 100) for a full list of block metadata:

Token APIs

Token API Methods serve to request token-related data across multiple chains:

Advanced APIs PAYG Pricing

The price of our API Credits is pegged to USD. It means that upon using ANKR tokens for PAYG, ANKR calculates into API Credits at the latest ANKR/USD exchange rate.

Our PAYG pricing model:
0.10 USD = 1M API Credits

API CollectionMethodAPI CreditsUSD/request
NFT APIankr_getNFTsByOwner700$0.00007
Query APIankr_getBlocks700$0.00007
Token APIankr_getAccountBalances700$0.00007

Support and Developer Community

Our goal is to provide developers with the best user experience possible and supercharge their Web3 projects with our Advanced APIs. Join our Discord community to get support from our team and engage with other like-minded developers.

We believe that community feedback fills our sails — we appreciate you proposing new features to add in our Roadmap.