BNB Sidechain
System Smart Contracts Security

System smart contracts security

For the smart contract runtime environment, BNB Sidechain uses EVM from the official Go-Ethereum codebase. Time, usage, and numerous extensive audits of EVM and Solidity by the entire blockchain community show it's a secure and hack-proof technology.

This way BNB Sidechain solves the runtime environment security problem.

What's left is to ensure that the system smart contracts themselves are secure.
BNB Sidechain solves this problem by introducing the following features.

Decentralized validators

The concept of decentralized validators is very simple: while validators in the network produce blocks, other validators verify these blocks. This model balances validator performance and creates a more decentralized system resistant to cliques or lazy validators.

No centralized controlling authority

Thanks to the decentralized validators model and the governance model, a BNB Sidechain instance can have no centralized controlling authority and be governed by the network users themselves.

Audit details

BNB Sidechain smart contracts have undergone external audit by Beosin Blockchain Security. To learn more, view the detailed audit report.