Getting Started


Available for Premium users only.

Projects is a feature that provides the means to use several unique tokens in private endpoints of a single user account and secure your project's user interaction by specifying a particular smart contract to communicate through. That might help with project structuring, interaction security, as well as with traffic distribution for the most demanding throughput.

In simple words, each new project provides a new unique token to be used in your private endpoints and specifies a particular smart contract for project communication.

The first iteration of Projects aims at providing you with the means to control your endpoint usage by smart contract whitelisting. This feature would be handy for a dApp where users communicate with a smart contract via Frontend — to protect your endpoint from misuse. A specified smart contract will allow your dApp users to request only a selected chain using a limited number of methods supported.

All requests using unsupported methods or chains get blocked.

Supported chains:

  • Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Gnosis, Polygon

Supported methods:

  • eth_call, eth_getLogs, eth_sendRawTransaction


You can use the Projects feature working with the following panes:

  • Endpoints / Advanced API — for creating and using multiple tokens.
  • Dashboard — for filtering statistics data by project.
  • Projects — for creating new unique tokens and specifying a smart contract for project interaction.

Add project

To add a new project, follow these steps:

  1. In Navigation, click Projects to open the corresponding pane.
  2. In the Projects pane, click + Add Project, and go through the steps to configure it:
  • Project — here your project automatically receives a name, and you can select a chain the project to work with.
  • White list — here you enter the smart contract address used for project communication. Note that your smart contract have to be deployed either on Ethereum or on other EVM-compatible blockchain.
  • Plan — here you select a service plan for your project.
  • Checkout — here you check and confirm your project configuration by clicking Next.

Congrats — you've just configured and created a new project with smart contract white listing.

View project

To view a project's unique token, click the Info (i) icon of the corresponding project.

View project's token

Congrats — you can view or copy your project's unique token.

Delete project

For your own good, you won't be able to delete your primary project.

To delete a project, click the Info (i) icon of the corresponding project, then click Delete project and confirm your action.

Delete project

Congrats — your additional project has been deleted.