Data Availability Layers


EigenDA is a data availability store made by EigenLabs (opens in a new tab) and built on top of EigenLayer (opens in a new tab), live on Goerli testnet (opens in a new tab) and launching on mainnet in early Q2 2024.

EigenDA features

EigenDA stores rollup transactions until their computed state is finalized. EigenDA provides the following features:

  • Scalability. EigenDA write throughput scales linearly with number of operators. At launch EigenDA will provide 10 MB/s of write throughput. This is 5x greater than the nearest competitor.

  • Security. EigenDA is decentralized, and made up of hundreds of operators registered in EigenLayer whose delegated stake imposes an economic cost to misbehavior. EigenDA will have billions of dollars of economic security at launch.

  • Decentralization. EigenDA's design is inspired by Danksharding, which promises to scale Ethereum-native DA beyond EIP-4844. EigenDA blob writes are registered with contracts on Ethereum, which natively subject operators to certain slashing risks. Ethereum L2s using EigenDA avoid any trust assumption on another chain's light client, which can be fooled by dishonest validator sets.