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Polygon CDK

Polygon CDK

Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) is a modular, open source software toolkit for blockchain developers which supports the installation and configuration of a variety of chain architectures. Polygon CDK empowers developers to launch new L2 chains running Polygon zkEVM technology on Ethereum or, in the future, transition existing Layer 1 (L1) chains into ZK-EVM L2s.

Several active blockchain projects — Manta Network, Gnosis Pay, IDEX, Aavegotchi, Wirex, Capx, Immutable, Astar Network, Canto, Nexon, Nubank, and Dogechain — are utilizing the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to enhance their capabilities and integrate with the Ethereum ecosystem through Layer 2 solutions. These projects vary in focus, from decentralized finance (DeFi) to gaming and payment infrastructures.

Polygon CDK benefits

Here is what developers can expect when they build with Polygon CDK:

  • Modularity and sovereignty: Polygon CDK offers a modular environment for ZK-powered L2 chain design. Developers can customize chains according to their needs.
  • Scalability: Polygon CDK-developed L2 chains enhance transaction speed and can be multiplied to achieve an elastically scalable ecosystem.
  • Independent data availability: With a dedicated data availability layer and a data availability committee, Polygon CDK-developed chains provide robust off-chain data access and reliability. This structure, independent of Ethereum, ensures substantial data resilience and integrity.
  • Interoperability (forthcoming): Through an in-development interop layer, CDK-developed chains can be seamlessly interoperable, meaning atomic L2 — L2 transactions. Chains deployed with Polygon CDK will have the opportunity to opt-in to the interop layer and tap unified liquidity.
  • Near-instant finality: Chains deployed using Polygon CDK rely on cryptographic security, ensuring transaction integrity without the need of full nodes. This approach guarantees near-instant finality and robust security.
  • Extensive Web3 support: Polygon CDK chains leverage a comprehensive ecosystem with premium service providers offering essential tools for application integration, development, and deployment.