Block Explorer

Block explorer

Block explorer is a base infrastructure component of Ankr AppChains implemented in Chainscanner.

Chainscaner's block explorer transparently displays all on-chain data and allows you to see what happened on a specific AppChain, in detail. You can look up such base blockchain entities as wallet addresses, transactions to and from them, blocks that contain transactions. All that gives you a complete map of what's going on an AppChain and enables you to find specific events and understand how they're connected.

You can see historic events both on AppChains on:

  • Testnet, as a developer who's setting up and testing out their AppChain.
  • Mainnet, as a user who has interest in a specific AppChain, or a developer of an AppChain who's maintaining it.

Use block explorer

Look up data on AppChain

To use Chainscanner's block explorer:

  1. Visit Chainscanner's Block Explorer (opens in a new tab) (preselected meta-apes network).
  2. Select a network to access. The selection popup shows you Mainnet networks.
    To see available Testnet networks, click on Access Testnets. Select a network
  3. Enter your query and click Search. You can search by address/tx hash/block number. Enter an address and click Search
  4. See detailed data in your search results. See the search results