Building Distributed, Decentralized, Web3 Infrastructure

Paving the way to the open internet of the future.

Web3 is shaking things up. Ankr has a big role to play.

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Web3 is a smarter internet — it incorporates new tech like blockchain systems that enable us to disrupt the intermediaries and gatekeepers that have dominated the web (and the world) so far. This gives us an opportunity to democratize services across the board, from finance to data storage.

    Our job: make Web3 accessible for everyone

    Every blockchain use case requires access to nodes. Ankr provides streamlined access to our global network of nodes running on 18 different blockchains. This greatly simplifies the process of building, operating, and maintaining all the decentralized applications of the new web.

    Our job: make Web3 accessible for everyone

    Our products make it easy to build on Web3

    Ankr connects developers, dApps, wallets, exchanges, and all other use cases to blockchains

    • RPCs and APIs connect developers and dApps to blockchains
    • Staking solutions make it easy for anyone to stake or integrate staking with their platform
    • AppChains, Gaming, and SDKs provide solutions for any Web3 enterprise

Meet the Team Bringing Web3 to the World.

We operate 24/7 with a globally distributed and decentralized team, just like our infrastructure. Ankr is a globally distributed team of entrepreneurs, creators, and engineers who believe in using tech to build a better web and a better world. We’re spread across dozens of cultures, countries, and time zones, but our mission has never been more unified – bringing blockchain and Web3 to the world.

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Ankr is democratizing Web3 for everyone to leverage decentralized applications and play an active role in the future internet.

Benefits that work for you.

  • Fully Remote Work

  • Flexible Vacation

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Paid Education

  • Computer Equipment

Join our team.

We are a family of entrepreneurs, creators, builders and experts. Become part of the team who had previous experience at AWS, Oracle, Google, Yandex, Ethereum, BitGo, Goldman Sachs, and more.

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