Delegated Staking

Unstake GNO

Release time

Unstaking GNO has a dynamic unbond period, depending on the current unstake queue on Gnosis. It means that the release time for your GNO tokens may vary, but on average it takes 3–4 days before you get your GNO back along with the accrued rewards.

As for now, there is no separate reward-claiming mechanism. You will get your rewards along with the unstaked GNO.

Unstake GNO

You'll need a small amount of xDai the gas fee while unstaking GNO. You can choose to unstake the whole staked amount or leave a minimum amount of GNO staked, which is currently 0.00001 GNO (may possibly be changed by Ankr in the future).

  1. Open Ankr Staking Dashboard (opens in a new tab).
  2. Locate the GNO box and click Manage. Click Manage
  3. Choose a Node Provide (currently, only Ankr; more providers come later) and click the the - icon. Click Manage
  4. Enter the desired amount to unstake, but no less than 0.5 ETH, and click Unstake. Click Unstake
  5. Confirm the unstaking transaction in MetaMask. Confirm transaction in MetaMask
  6. Wait a couple of moments till the Unstaking in progress changes to Unstake successful! and click Go to dashboard. Click Go to dashboard