Node API
Getting Started
Basics: Public Plan

Basics with Public plan

What's available for the Public service plan user:

  • Node API and Advanced API at the corresponding rate limits.
  • Connection code snippets.
  • Query checker.
  • Public usage data (stats on requests from all Public service users).

Use public endpoints

To enable your project to interact with a blockchain, add the blockchain's endpoint into the project's library or config file:

  1. In Navigation, click Endpoints to open the pane.
  2. In the Chain Selection area, click a chain you'd like to query.
Chain selection
  1. In the Chain opened, select a network (Mainnet/Testnet) needed for your project.
Network selection
  1. In the Endpoint field, copy the URL and paste it into your project's library or config file.
Use public endpoint

Congrats — you've just added a public endpoint into your project to enable blockchain interaction.