Node API


Premium Plan's chain requests measure in API Credits. Our Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model charges per method used in request. Various methods have different credit values per request. A method's credit value calculates based on a method's usage intensity and multiple factors that include using the computational, memory, storage, and network resources.

The price of our API Credits is pegged to USD. It means that upon using ANKR tokens for PAYG, ANKR calculates into API Credits at the latest ANKR/USD exchange rate.

Our PAYG pricing model:
0.10 USD = 1M API Credits

Pricing per request

API TypeMethodAPI Creditsin USD
Ethereumall methods200$0.00002
EVM-compatibleall methods200$0.00002
Solanaall methods500$0.00005
Advanced APIall methods700$0.00007