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Staking Metrics API

Liquid Staking metrics API

You can get Ankr Liquid Staking metrics to integrate into your product dashboards and to use metrics like APY in yor product.

Available metrics

The metrics you can obtain are:

  • serviceName — name of the staked token, e.g. eth.
  • totalStaked — total tokens of a specific type, e.g. eth, that are currently staked.
  • stakers — total number of stakers, i.e. unique blockchain addresses that have staked with Ankr and haven't withdrawn their stake yet.
  • apy — current annual percentage yield, i.e. the surplus a staker gets yearly from staking their tokens with Ankr. The formula is: rewards_for_last_7_days / staked_amount * 5200.
  • totalStakedUsd — total value of all staked tokens of a specific type, e.g. eth, expressed in USD.

Get metrics

RESTful API endpoint that returns metrics that describe different properties of Ankr Liquid Staking.

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GET /v1alpha/metrics