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Service Plans

Service plans

Ankr provides the top-performing globally-distributed enterprise-grade infrastructure of nodes to empower your Web3 projects with blockchain interaction capabilities.

Our solutions work under the following Service Plans:

  • Public — public endpoints for free blockchain interaction provided with Public features and rate limits.
  • Premium — private endpoints for high-performing blockchain interaction provided with Premium features and rate limits.
    • Freemium — this is not a service plan per se, but can be perceived as a transition state between Public and Premium services. You have to sign in on the platform without topping up your account balance to access Premium features but under Public rate limits.
  • Enterprise — customer-tailored solutions for the most demanding blockchain interaction cases.

Here is the list of solutions we have at your disposal on the Web3 API (opens in a new tab) platform under the Service Plan you've selected:

  • Node API — the endpoints that enable your Web3 projects to start interacting with an extensive list of supported blockchains, give access to viewing the usage statistics for the data queried, and provide the means for RPC API methods testing.

  • Advanced API — a ready-to-use indexed collection of endpoints that supports simultaneous querying of multiple blockchains (15 mainnet and 4 testnet chains available) for the most popular Web3 scenarios at near-instant speeds; available via JavaScript/Python SDKs and React Hooks. Advanced API also gives you access to the usage statistics for the data queried.

Here is the list of blockchains supported: Chains Quickstart.

Service plans comparison

Advanced API is available for an authenticated user only.

The Node API and Advanced API solutions come with both Public and Premium service plans but differ significantly by the rate limits and other performance features supported depending on the plan selected.

Feature list

Full and Archive data
Global node coverage
Node API
Advanced API
Projects (personal API tokens)✅ (1)✅ (3)
Multi-project statistics
Team accounts
Whitelists (IP, domain, smart contract)
Support Polkadot, Kusama, & HECO
Batch requests
Priority orderLimited during high trafficLimited during high trafficPrioritized during high traffic
ConnectionHTTPSHTTPS and WebSocketHTTPS and WebSocket
SupportCommunity Support (Discord)Community Support (Discord)Priority Portal Support
TermsNo ContractNo ContractBoth Contract and No Contract

Rate limits

ServicePublic / FreemiumPremium
Node API
(EVM-compatible chains)
Requests across all endpoints:
≈1800 requests/minute — guaranteed;
>1800 requests/minute — possible
(depends on the load)
Requests per endpoint:
Up to ≈1.5k requests/second
Node API
Requests across all endpoints:
≈1800 requests/minute — guaranteed;
>1800 requests/minute — possible
(depends on the load)
Requests per endpoint:
Up to ≈4k requests/second
Advanced API50 requests/minute1k+ requests/minute

Charging models

Our Premium service plan users can choose to query blockchain data under the following charging models:

  • Pay-as-you-go — pay for each request you make.
  • Deal — monthly subscription for 6 Billion API credits at 20% discount.


Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is a usage-based charging model for the Premium Plan services. PAYG means that you commit to no subscriptions but pay for each request you make. To start using the Premium Plan features, you deposit a minimum amount of 1000 ANKR tokens and create an Ankr Premium account.


We discontinue the 500USD Package subscription to introduce a more cost-efficient Deal option.

Deal is a subscription-based charging model for the Premium Plan services. It is a recurring 500USD payment at a 20% discount that provides you with 6 Billion API credits that you can spend within a month to call both Node and Advanced APIs for all the chains we support.

Deal in a nutshell:

  • 6 Billion monthly API credits at a 20% discount.
  • Both Node and Advanced APIs included.
  • All chains covered.

Package-to-Deal transition:

  • The transition from the Package to Deal subscription performs automatically upon the next subscription renewal.
  • Before the renewal, the Package users continue to operate under their current subscription (30M calls, Node API, EVM-compatible protocols).
  • Starting from the first subscription renewal, there is no more Package — let's have a Deal!

PAYG pricing

The price of our API Credits is pegged to USD. It means that upon using ANKR tokens for PAYG, ANKR calculates into API Credits at the latest ANKR/USD exchange rate.

Our PAYG pricing model: 0.10 USD = 1M API Credits

How we charge?

Premium Plan's chain requests measure in API Credits. PAYG model charges per method used in request. Various methods have different credit values per request. A method's credit value calculates based on a method's usage intensity and multiple factors that include using the computational, memory, storage, and network resources.

We charge no matter whether a request has been successful or not. In other words, a charge is taken for each request coming to our worker, regardless of a node's response.

PAYG charging summary:

Correct callIncorrect callCorrect call + incorrect method

  • Correct call (charged) — a request uses a supported method and has a valid JSON-RPC structure.
  • Incorrect call (not charged) — a request has an invalid JSON-RPC structure or a batch request has the same ID in multiple requests. We can't parse such a request.
  • Correct call + incorrect method (charged default amount) — a request uses an unsupported method though has a valid JSON-RPC structure. We charge default amount of credits for the infrastructure usage.

Pricing per request

API TypeMethodAPI Creditsin USD
Ethereumall methods200$0.00002
EVM compatibleall methods200$0.00002
Solanaall methods500$0.00005
Advanced APIall methods700$0.00007