Upgrading Layer 2 Performance for Mantle Network.

Mantle Network is a Layer 2 Rollup providing a hyper-scalable environment for developers to build a Web3 future that is more democratic, user-friendly, and rewarding for all.

Background & the Challenge.

As a blockchain focused on the mass adoption of token-governed technologies, Mantle Network needs high-performing infrastructure providers to meet its scaling goals. In the Web3 industry, choosing the right partners shapes the trajectory of a project – Mantle Network's decision to use Ankr for its RPC service demonstrates how strategic choices can lead to transformative results.

Mantle Network, an innovator in L2 rollup technology, identified the need for a top-tier, trustworthy node infrastructure service that possessed deep experience and a commendable reputation in the EVM-chain domain. This was essential in ensuring that Mantle Network developers had the tools and environment conducive to producing cutting-edge on-chain solutions.


Why did Mantle Network Chose Ankr?

Multiple EVM presence

Ankr's active presence on an array of EVM chains indicated versatility and adaptability.

Industry-leading reputation

In a space where trust is paramount, Ankr is a leader and has been prominent in the space since 2017.

Unmatched offerings

Ankr’s services offered both RPC connection services and industry experts to help Mantle grow and scale globally.

Competitive pricing

Ankr offered top-notch services without compromising on cost-efficiency.

Ankr's Solution.

Global RPC endpoints.

Global RPC endpoints.

Central to Ankr's service offering was global reach – Global RPC endpoints. These endpoints provided a seamless integration pathway, facilitating smooth and efficient application development for Mantle ecosystem builders.

Impact and Outcomes.

Post-integration, tangible improvements were observed across multiple domains:

Total Requests


With Ankr's solutions, Mantle Network witnessed an uptick in developer activity. The significant RPC calls with Ankr compared to other options, validated this shift.

Metrics unlocked


Ankr's influence extended beyond just infrastructure to enhancing marketing strategies, solidifying privacy measures, and offering comprehensive user analytics.

Avg. response time


Ankr's influence extended beyond just infrastructure to enhancing marketing strategies, solidifying privacy measures, and offering comprehensive user analytics.

”Mantle is thrilled to collaborate with Ankr, one of the first RPC providers to join Mantle Ecosystem. This synergistic alliance provides seamless access to a decentralized infrastructure network with developer connections that are stable, fast, and secure to the community building on Mantle Network”

Zuki Hong, Infra Growth Lead at Mantle

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Continuing to improve the Mantle Ecosystem.

For Mantle Network, venturing into the intricate world of L2 rollup technology required more than just ambition; it necessitated partners like Ankr, who shared the same vision and drive. This partnership signifies more than just a business transaction; it represents a unified goal to foster greater web3 innovation. As Mantle Network continues its journey, its alliance with Ankr ensures that it remains at the forefront of blockchain evolution, setting new benchmarks and redefining excellence.

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