Information Map

Information Map

This section aims at navigating your ship fast and easy through the vast ocean of our docs. Here you can find the sections we have and the info they contain.


  • Getting Started
    Basics on RPC Service functionality; intro into UI; common user actions (signing in, depositing funds, using endpoints); creation of business-specific accounts, using multiple projects, and performing duties under different access rights.
  • Overview
    Basics on what an RPC Service is, its architecture, technologies, and user-service interaction safeguards.
  • Service Plans
    Service plans available to empower your Web3 projects with blockchain interaction capabilities, along with their feature list, rate limits, and charging models.
  • Pricing
    Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model definition and pricing per request info.
  • Supported Chains
    The list of chains we can empower your project to interact with along with the API Reference docs for those chains.

Advanced API

Blockchain Node Snapshots

Contract Automation

Ankr Tutorials


  • AppChains
    AppChains basics; what they are, their components, use cases, how to start.
  • Chainscanner
    Chainscanner as interface for AppChains; its components, how to use them.
  • Affiliated Chains
    Chains that use AppChains; BNB Sidechain and Polygon Supernet, their components, architecture, how to use them.


  • For Developers
    Staking implementation details, smart contract and RESTful API, SDK reference, price and APR oracles, flash loans, and referral program.
  • Delegated Staking
    Delegated staking how-tos; ANKR and GNO stake, unstake, FAQ, general information.
  • Liquid Staking
    Liquid staking how-tos; AVAX, BNB, DOT, ETH, FTM, KSM, MATIC stake, unstake, FAQ, general information, audit reports.
  • Liquid Crowdloan
    Liquid Crowdloan basics; general information.
  • DeFi
    Ankr DeFi basics; Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Vaults, how to use them.
  • Bridge
    Bridge basics; general information, how to bridge tokens between networks.
  • Switch
    Switch basics; general information, how to switch one Liquid Staking Token for another.
  • Extra
    Extra information; list of all audit reports, technical service fees, validators, smart contract addresses, compatible wallets, specific fixes, types of Liquid Staking Tokens, ANKR tokenomics and governance.

Mirage Gaming

  • Mirage Gaming
    Gaming platform as a service; how to monetize your game, add tokens and NFTs to your game, make it Web3 compatible, Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs for integration.