Liquid Staking

Ethereum Liquid Staking

What and why is Ethereum Liquid Staking?

Ankr Staking offers Ethereum token holders the opportunity to stake ETH and in return claim Ethereum Liquid Staking tokens — ankrETH (ex-aETHc).

There are no more new stakes getting aETHb token. However, old stakes with aETHb keep generating you rewards. You can also switch aETHb for ankrETH now (opens in a new tab) (supply is limited).

Audit details

ETH Liquid Staking smart contracts have undergone external audits by Beosin Blockchain Security:

Smart contracts

For information on ETH Liquid Staking smart contracts, visit ETH development details.

Supported wallets

Ethereum Liquid Staking supports several options, including hot and cold wallets. View a complete list at Compatible wallets.